Tacoma Narrows Park

I decided to take a trip to Narrows Park. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots. Whether you want to view the beautiful Narrows Bridge from a different angle, take some pictures of some Sea Lions(Don’t feed them) or watch some fly fishermen, this park is great to visit. There are benches where you can eat, a viewing scope as well as an outhouse.

A beautiful view form Narrows Park. Known not only for its great view of one of the worlds greatest land bridges but also a great fishing spot!
A cool picture of underneath the bridge. I rarely see it from this perspective. In fact I have never seen the underside of this bridge my entire life. It is really breathtaking.
This is like the main fishing spot at the bottom of the stairs.
I love this angle right here. There are old remains of the fallen bridge “Gallopin Gurdie” down there.

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